Hario Latte Shaker-Pink

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Hario Latte Shaker-Pink

Hario Latte Shaker Cherry Pink - Froth up Milk for Your Latte

This is an ideal milk shaker for a lady to prepare a great cup of latte. These Hario shakers also come in off-white, chocolate brown and red colours. The Latte shaker allows the coffee makers to froth up some milk in a quick and effective fashion. Turns cold milk (best to use full-fat) into really rich, creamy, luxurious foamed milk in around 25 seconds and is easy and fun to use.

Hario Latte Shaker Design

The Hario shaker allows the user to prepare a single cup of lattes, Americanos, chai teas, ice teas and anything else that you think would benefit from foamed milk on top. It consists of two equal parts and has an oval shape design. Simply unscrew the top add cold milk and shake it till the desired amount of foam is produced. Afterwards, rinse the shaker with water and that is it you are ready to enjoy your delicious coffee drink.

Hario Latte Shaker Includes :

  • 1x Hario Latte Shaker Pink (LS-70-PC)
  • Dimensions 2.8 x 2.7 x 6.8 inches

Hario Has You Covered

All Hario latte shaker can be returned within up to 30 days. For more information on how Hario has you covered go to Returns pages.

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Additional Information

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