The summer months are finally here and as the mercury rises, the temperature of our coffee seems to decrease and we enter ice cold beverage territory – in particular a patiently crafted cold brew.

For those unfamiliar to the cold brew process, let’s make the distinction quite clear between an iced coffee and a slowly crafted cold brew.

Cold brewed coffee is smoother, has a more balanced acidity and has exceptionally complex flavours than simply filling your glass with ice and pouring over a steaming cup of coffee or a single shot of espresso. By relying on time and a slow drip feed method, rather than temperature, the results are much more concentrated and the final taste more rewarding. What you are left with after the 12 hour process is a concentrated coffee elixir.

Similarly, brewing coffee at a lower temperature reduces the presence of some undesirable coffee solubles that would usually dissolve when brewing with higher temperatures which in turn accelerates oxidation. With cold brew, this is reduced, minimising the undesirable flavours in the final brew.

Within the Hario range we have plenty of options to keep you cool during these summer months, from the show-stopping clear dripper to the affordable and easily portable filter bottle.

Play around with different beans, try various grind coarseness and alternative ratios to discover your perfect intensity and flavour preference. That is the beauty of a cold brew – like a fine whisky equivalent – you control the intensity and balance of the final cold brew.

New to Cold Brew.

Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot Black 1000ml (£20.00) and 600ml (£15.00)


The Hario Mizudashi works in the same way as the coffee pitcher and comes in two sizes which makes this choice an easy one for those of you new to the cold brew method. By using 50g of course ground coffee and 600ml of water you can create 500ml of cold brew concentrate at home. Leave the grounds steeping for 12 hours, pour the cold brew over ice and enjoy with milk or black. A great summertime treat.

Watch the tutorial from Hario JP here

Cold brew on the go:

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Filter in Bottle Moca 750ml £30.00


The convenient cold brew bottle allows you to easily brew coffee by simply placing it inside the refrigerator. The brewing process can take anywhere between 8 to 24 hours to extract all the goodness from your ground coffee. The cold brew bottle also has a unique rubber lid. Once you remove it and take out the filter it turns into a serving bottle.

The easy to use option:

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher 1000ml £99.00


The Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher is very easy to use and maintain. Simply add the coffee grounds, top with fresh, filtered water, and leave to steep in a refrigerator overnight. Wake up in the morning and enjoy smooth and mellow tasting coffee over ice. Simple!

Watch the tutorial from Hario JP here

Serious cold brew fans on a budget:

Hario Shizuku Slow Drip Brewer £80.00


The great thing about this Shizuku is that it doesn't require you to be a coffee expert to operate it. Unlike the water dripper, this device has no adjustments and therefore it is easy to use. The drop-by-drop percolation takes between 1-2 hours, all thanks to the adjustment free drip mechanism designed by Hario.

Watch the tutorial from Hario JP here

The Show-Stopper:

Hario Water Dripper £350.00


This beauty is guaranteed to give your kitchen serious wow-factor. If you enjoy smooth and mellow coffee taste with no acidity, then the Hario water dripper is a great device for you. Taking approximately 5-7 hours to extract a single serving of coffee, the Water Dripper works by dripping the cold water from the chamber at the top onto the ground coffee beans of your choice. The fact that the cold water slowly drains through, the acidic taste is eliminated resulting in a spectacularly tasteful and complex cup. Like a fine whisky, you can drink your coffee short and straight or over ice. You can store the remaining concentrate in a refrigerator to enjoy it later on in the day. The elixir will stay fresh and flavourful for approximately 3 days.

Watch the tutorial from Hario JP here