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Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher 1000ml

Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher 1000ml

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Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher

If you are looking for a top-end device to make cold brew coffee at home then look no further than Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher.

Made to last the Hario Pitcher consists of heatproof glass which includes only natural components and the interior stainless steel filter mesh. It also comes with a beautifully hand-crafted glass handle, which really puts this piece in the luxury coffee equipment section.

The Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher is very easy to use and maintain. Simply add the coffee grounds, fresh water, into the pitcher and leave to steep in a refrigerator overnight.

Wake up in the morning and enjoy smooth and mellow tasting coffee over ice. Perfect for family gatherings in hot weather and for the parties with friends!

Alternatively, you can enjoy your cold brewed coffee concentrate throughout the week by pouring some of it into a cup and diluting it with hot water.

All-in-all the Hario cold coffee brewer has luxurious design, is versatile, and allows coffee enthusiasts at home to experiment with cold brew coffee without any hassle.

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher

  • Heatproof Glassware
  • Stainless Steel Filter
  • Hand-crafted Glass Handle
  • 1000ml Capacity
  • Made in Japan

Hario Has You Covered

Cold brew coffee maker is protected by 30 day money back guarantee which ensures that you can return any unwanted goods back to us with no questions ask. Please read the returns policy for more information.

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