V60 Ceramic Dripper 02 - New Colours
V60 Ceramic Dripper 02 - New Colours
V60 Ceramic Dripper 02 - New Colours
V60 Ceramic Dripper 02 - New Colours
V60 Ceramic Dripper 02 - New Colours

V60 Ceramic Dripper 02 - New Colours

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V60 Ceramic Dripper 02 - New Colours

The Ceramic V60 dripper size 02 is now available in a range of five brand new colours. A new twist on the classic, the range combines the functionality of the iconic ceramic dripper with fun striking colours. Limited stock available.

What is a V60?

The V60 is a simple to use coffee-making method that brings out the cleanest flavour from your coffee. The name V60 derives from the dripper's design: the cone is V shaped and has a 60° angle. The dripper spread across the world after the 2010 World Brewers Cup in London and is now synonymous with the highest standards of craft in coffee making equipment.

What makes the V60 one of the best coffee-making methods?

There is a reason why the ceramic coffee dripper is so popular amongst professional baristas and coffee connoisseurs and that reason is simple – fantastic, clean and repeatable coffee. The 60° angle allows water to flow through all parts of coffee resulting in the evenly extracted cup of coffee. A big hole at the bottom enables the brewer to adjust the flavour of the coffee according to the speed of water flow.

Made from the highest quality porcelain, the ceramic V60 achieves maximum heat retention. From top to bottom internal ribs support natural flow of water and help deliver a "clean" cup. Designed to be placed on top of a cup or carafe, it can brew up two to four cups of coffee at a time.

Dishwasher and microwave friendly, the V60 is easy to use and is considered to be one of the simplest brewing methods. It is also professionals' choice - five out of seven World Brewers Cup Champions used this manual pour-over to win their titles.

Not sure how to use a V60?

Learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee using the unique V60 method. We've curated a selection of recipes depending on skill level and your equipment.

Available in 5 Colours:

  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Indigo Blue
  • Matt Black
  • Matt White


  • Height 10.2cm; Width 13.7cm; Diameter 11.6cm
  • 2 - 4 Cup Capacity

Additional Info:

  • Dishwasher Safe

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