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Hario Smart Beam Halogen Heater

Smart Beam Halogen Heater

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Hario Smart Beam Heater

The Hario smart beam halogen heater offers syphon brewing with precise control like never before! This state of the art smart beam halogen heater is one of the latest additions to the extensive range of Hario coffee equipment. A beautiful, robust and highly effective device with user controls for temperature and time, and with memory storage of your favourite profiles. It differs from traditional syphon gas flame and instead uses halogen method to brew coffee in a scientific way.

The Hario smart beam heater gives the brewer total control of the coffee operation process by allowing the user to choose one of 3 modes; basic, memory and professional. Basic mode allows the brewer to manually set required time and control desired heat. Memory mode, well, it memorises previously selected settings and enables quick and efficient way to reselect the same settings which means you can brew exactly the same coffee, time and time again. Professional mode has 4 options; heat, brew, keep and stop allowing even coffee brewing amateurs to feel like an experienced barista. The Hario Smart Beam Heater has intuitive LCD screen and Halogen Heater for professional coffee brewing.

Hario Smart Beam Heater Design

The magnificently designed smart beam heater is a superb addition to coffee shop and home environment alike. The stylish black and silver appearance is by far not the only reason to equip your coffee laboratory with this halogen device. Eye-dazzling features such as manual LCD touch pad control of the heat is ideal for experimenting new brewing techniques and methods. A simple swipe to right or left will instantly increase or decrease the desired temperature.

Hario Smart Beam Heater Features Include:

  • Halogen Heat, ideal in a gas or flame restricted environment.
  • Intuitive LCD Touch Pad
  • 3 Operation modes, Basic/Memory/Professional
  • Power of 220-240 volts
  • EU plug
Additional Information

You can also have a look at the smart beam heater device in action in our videos section on the left.