Hario Coffee Beans Roaster

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Hario Coffee Beans Roaster

Hario Coffee Roaster

Take your coffee roasting experience to another level with the Hario coffee roaster.

If you wish to brew fresh, aromatic and delicious coffee this device is a must-have. Ask any coffee enthusiast and they will tell you how important it is to have freshly roasted coffee beans by your side. This particular device stands out from a regular coffee roasters because of its manual functionality and also it is great for travelling too.

The Hario coffee roaster allows the brewer to roast coffee beans manually within 15 minutes, using a rotational handle. This ensures that the beans roast precisely the way you want them to.

What's more, the Hario coffee roaster comes with an alcohol heater allowing you to take this beautiful device on a trip so you can enjoy roasting the coffee beans anywhere. The roaster is beautifully designed and looks fantastic on display at home or cafe - a real talking piece. Grab one today while stocks last and begin roasting the coffee beans yourself as soon as tomorrow!

Hario Coffee Roaster Includes :

  • 1x Glass Coffee Roaster (RCR-50)
  • 1x Alcohol Heater
  • Perfectly Roasted Coffee Beans in 15 Minutes
  • 50g Capacity

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As with all coffee equipment from HARIO we have you covered with our 30 days return policy. For all the details go to returns and delivery page.

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