Hario V60 Coffee Paper Filters Unbleached 03 Size 1-6 Cups 100 Pack

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Hario V60 Coffee Paper Filters Unbleached 03 Size 1-6 Cups 100 Pack

Unbleached paper filters are made of high quality paper which allows you to filter all the unnecessary oils from your coffee while preparing coffee with Hario V60 dripper. It also takes longer to produce this paper and therefore making just a bit more pricier.

Third wave generation brewing has put baristas and home brewers in total control of their brewing process.

Using specialty coffee gear from Hario, such us the coffee dripper and drip kettle will help you to achieve higher quality finish.

This particular coffee filter is unbleached. It comes with 100 sheets of filter paper and can only be used with 03 size dripper which will allows you to brew up to 6 cups.

If you appreciate a cup of excellence that you will fall in love with Hario filters immediately.

And what’s more, they leave no mess ether. Simply dispose the filter with the coffee grounds after each use. You can also rest assured that the filter will dissolve without any negative affect on the environment too because all Hario filter papers are biodegradable.

So what are you waiting? You’ve got the dripper, kettle grab the papers and enjoy the best cup of coffee with your friends or slightly selfishly by yourself.

A word of advice, after you insert the filter into the dripper rinse it with water before you add the coffee grounds to enjoy zero paper taste coffee.

All our customers are covered with 30 day money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction with all our brewing equipment.

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