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Hario Heatproof Glass Tumbler 300ml

Heatproof Glass Tumbler 300ml

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Hario Heatproof Glass Tumblers 300ml - Heatproof Glass

Hario has gained a world-wide reputation for producing the highest quality glassware since 1921. Did you know that in Japanese Hario means “The Kind of Glass”? if you are looking for reliable heatproof glasses – look no further. The sturdy Hario tumblers are ideal for a wide range of beverages. Whether the drinks are cold or hot these beautiful glasses will surely enhance the enjoyment of your drink. Apart from offering remarkable heat protection the Hario tumblers are also dishwasher friendly making them easy to clean. No matter how many times the Hario glasses are put through the dishwasher they will retain that brand new look of quality and sparkling clarity.

Hario Heatproof Glass Tumblers Design

Each Hario heaproof glass tumbler is hand crafted and can hold 300ml of your preferred drink. It has the size of 65x128 mm and can hold up to 300ml of tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer..... you choose!

Hario Heatproof Glass Tumblers Includes :

  • Hario Tumbler Glasses (HPG-300)
  • Heatproof
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 300 ml Capacity

Hario Has You Covered

Hario has your back by providing a 30 day return policy to all customers who buy Hario glassware. Please ensure that the items are in the original packaging before returning them. (see returns page)

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Additional Information

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