Hario V60 Filter Paper White 02 Dripper 40 pack

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Hario V60 Filter Paper White 02 Dripper 40 pack

Hario V60 Filter Paper White for 02 Dripper 40 Pack - Delicious and Pure Coffee

The extracted coffee V60 way, would not be the same without the vital part - Hario V60 paper filters. Home brewers and baristas enjoy preparing their coffee this way because of a unique coffee taste end result and the control V60 methods provides over the brewing process. If you have run out of v60 paper filters, simply add this item to the basket and proceed with the checkout.

Hario V60 Filter Paper Design

The cone design is backed up with a scientific theory that V shape is the best for brewing the coffee in drip style, hence the reason why V60 paper sheets are also V shaped. Enabling the user to easily place the paper filters into 02 Hario V60 dripper size. Once the brewing is done, all the brewer has to do is dispose the biodegradable paper filters and enjoy the rest of his day.

Tip: Warm up the paper filter with hot water before adding your grinded coffee to ensure 100% paper free coffee taste.

Hario V60 White Paper Filters 02 Dripper Includes :

  • 40x V60 Coffee Filters
  • How To Brew Instructions
  • Mountain Fold
  • 1 to 2 Cups

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Our super-fast next day delivery ensures that you do not have to wait around for your V60 papers filters. Place the order before noon and we will ensure that we dispatch it the same day, allowing you to get back on the V60 brewing track in no time.

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At Hario we take care of our customers by ensuring that they are 100% covered by our 30 day returns policy.

Additional Information

Go to this link if you require a bigger 100 sheets pack of white Hario V60 paper filters.