Hario Dressing Bottle Green Slim 240ml

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Hario Dressing Bottle Green Slim 240ml

Hario Dressing Bottle Green Slim 240ml

The Hario salad dressing bottle is a great addition to your kitchen and cooking tools. The oil bottle lets you to accurately pour on the frying pan or salad with out any difficulty. It makes life easier while cooking your favorite dish because it is very easy to use. Simply add oil into the bottle and you are ready to start cooking.

Hario Dressing Bottle Design

The Hario oil bottle has a body made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass with only natural components. It has a larger 240ml capacity with a green bottle top. All-in-all it is a delicate and high quality kitchen tool that will let you pour oil in precise fashion.

Hario Dressing Bottle Includes

  • 1x Dressing Bottle
  • Heat-Resistant Glass
  • Only Natural Components
  • Green
  • Capacity 240ml

Hario Has You Covered

When you buy Hario kitchen and cruet equipment you can rest assured that no problem will arise and the transaction will be 100% secure with no hassle. Even if you decide to return the oil bottle we will issue a refund; as long as you return it to us in the original box in 30 days.

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Additional Information

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