Scott Rao 

Coffee Consultant & Author of The Professional
Barista’s Handbook, Everything but Espresso, and The Coffee Roaster’s Companion. 

How Long Have You Worked in The Coffee Industry? 

I’ve been in coffee for 27 years. 

Why Do You Love the V60? 

I enjoy the interaction with the V60. One can make a fine batch brew or Kalita, but the V60 is more dynamic, lending itself to a more manual interaction - such as spinning or stirring. I generally prefer the flavour from a V60 over other pour-over brewers. 

Scott Rao V60 Recipe 

V60: Plastic 

Dose: 20g Coffee

330mL Water ( 97°C / 97°F) 

Time: 4:00 – 4:30min 

I always and only use the plastic V60, for its superior heat retention.

1. Grind your coffee beans fresh and pour into the V60. Make a “bird’s nest” in the grounds with your finger.

2. Pour 60mL of water, then immediately “spin” the bloom aggressively.

3. Wait for 40 seconds, then pour until a total of 200mL water.

4. Do a very gentle spin (less than one second), just enough to fill in the ribbed channels.

5. Wait until the slurry is 70% drained, then pour again until 330mL. Then do another very gentle spin.

6. I pour from rather low, with a steady stream, holding the kettle at a constant height. Pour slowly enough that the stream is nearly vertical, moving the kettle around to make use of the whole slurry as equally as possible.

7. The total brew time will typically be 4:00 - 4:30 minutes, with extraction levels varying between 22%-24.5%, depending on your grinder, varietal and roast level.

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