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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.

Get your grind on

If you are a coffee lover, a coffee grinder will be a very familiar tool to you. For the coffee connoisseur, grinding coffee is not only the first step but it is one of the most important steps to a great tasting cup of coffee. The authors of The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee insist "any barista will tell you that the single most important piece of gear in the coffee-making chain is the grinder. So buy your grinder first!"

One of the key benefits of the Hario Coffee Grinders, is the ceramic burr mechanism which is designed to mill coffee beans consistently. Burr grinders also offer precision and versatility which means you can choose the type of grind you wish to achieve, from coarse, medium to very fine. One step further in your quest to achieving that perfect brew is the Hario electric grinder – 44 settings, ensuring you achieve the optimal grind and this particular grinder uses stainless steel conical burrs.

Types of Grind:

Coarse Grind

French Press (press or plunger pot)

Vacuum or Syphon Coffee Maker


Medium Grind:

Filter coffee machines

A Medium/Fine Grind:

V60 drip

Any filter drip which require cone-shape paper filters

Fine Grind:

Stove-top Espresso Pots

Espresso machines.

Super Fine Grind:

Turkish coffee


Hario V60 Electric Coffee Grinder

Tips for achieving the best grind for your desired coffee:

  • Use freshly roasted coffee beans - this is the most important aspect of any manual brew.
  • Use the ground coffee on the same day. The longer you leave freshly ground beans, the more the flavours and aromas begin to deplete - so enjoy that coffee right away!
  • If you are using a manual method, put the grinder down as you're grinding (all Hario Skerton grinders have an anti-slip sleeve at the bottom to help stabilise this process.)
  • Once a month, take apart and clean your grinder and its burrs gently with water and a small amount of soap - super easy to clean and will not rust.

So which Hario product is right for you?

All of our grinders use the burr feature so the question really is how much coffee are you going to be making and would you prefer to grind your beans by hand, by machine or would you like to introduce a wow factor into your coffee making ritual with a traditional wooden grinder?

Here are your options:

Hario Mini Mill PLUS Hand Coffee Grinder


Hario Mini Mill PLUS Hand Coffee Grinder £40

If you are looking for a compact, lightweight grinder then the iconic Hario Mini Mill hand coffee grinder is the perfect solution for you. The cubicle inside holds around 24 grams of ground coffee (1 cup = 12g and 2 cups = 24g), allowing you to prepare fresh coffee for 1 - 2 people with the easy to use large handle. 

Hario Skerton PLUS Ceramic Coffee Grinder

Hario Skerton PLUS Ceramic Coffee Grinder £45.00

The Hario Skerton Plus uses ceramic burrs giving you a precise grind. You can choose the coarseness of your grind with the adjustable settings putting you in control of the grind size. Set it to coarser grind for cold brew or a finer grind for your V60 pourover and as it's a hand grinder – it's noise free! It also includes a silicon lid for the top chamber so the beans don't scatter around your kitchen.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Olive Wood Hand Grinder

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Olive Wood Hand Grinder £99

This stunning hand-made grinder is a one of a kind – combining olive wood and ceramic and is another beautiful addition to the Hario Olive Wood range. Its weighty feel and luxurious finish make it an eye-catching addition to your kitchen.  Not only does it grind like a dream, but it  cleans very easily.

Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder Canister

Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder Canister £60

The ceramic coffee burr grinder is an updated and improved version of the original and it has a plastic lid on top to prevent beans from scattering around the kitchen while grinding. It offers a consistent grind and keeps the coffee grounds in a glass bowl once the beans have been ground)

Hario Hand Coffee Grinder

Hario Hand Coffee Grinder £45

Coffee grinders do not come much more beautiful and well made than the Hario traditional hand grinder. It is a design steeped in history – a style that was hugely popular from its inception in Japan in the 1800s - this is a design that has been largely unchanged. It offers the brewer an ability to grind evenly with its ceramic burr grinders and is fully adjustable.

Hario V60 Electric Coffee Grinder

Hario V60 Electric Coffee Grinder £199.00

The long-awaited Hario V60 grinder is now available to buy online! Designed to grind directly into a V60 dripper using a switch pad, the V60 grinder boasts 44 grind-size settings giving you the ultimate choice while grinding. This means that it is ideal for a V60, french press, syphon, water dripper and anything else in between.

The V60 grinder is capable of grinding at 3 grams per second without heating up the coffee beans and maintaining the fresh coffee taste in your cup. This is due to stainless steel conical burrs that shave the coffee beans instead of smashing them and ruining the taste of the beans.

The electric coffee grinder has 8 ounce / 240g hopper capacity making it perfect for both home and coffeehouse use.

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