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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.

The London Coffee Festival 2016 Recap

Four days, three coffees, two halogen heaters, one stand and thousands of guests made Brewed by Hands experience at London Coffee Festival. Positioned amongst some of the UKs best in Coffee sat Brewed by Hand's stand in the 'Shoreditch' room.

On display we had the olive wood range that through its elegant and innovative design initiated much admiration and enquires.

Our interactive stand layout meant that visitors were able to explore the entire range for themselves. Also popular and drawing interest were the cold brew bottles, copper dripper/kettle and drip pot wood necks.

The quality, longevity and design of these ranges are unparalleled. Hario are at the forefront of the hand brewing industry with their innovation and composition and this was truly reinforced through our feedback at the festival both from those in the trade and domestic users.

The star of the show was without a doubt the vast model syphon; a novelty that customers adored; it generated a few laughs as well as being a great interactive talking point.

Running close second had to be the normal sized syphon in use on the brew bar. Being such an unusual and visually appealing piece of equipment coupled with its ability to produce a balanced coffee accentuating delicate taste notes and a tea like mouthfeel meant that we just had to exhibit this method to our keen visitors.

The scientific feel of the set up atop the glowing red of the halogen heater guaranteed to attract a crowd which was fantastic as this is what allowed us to demonstrate and explain the innovation of this brew method.

Moving away from the expected method of brewing, the syphon offers a degree of theatrics as well as a new and exciting way to brew coffee both commercially and domestically. The coffee festival was the perfect opportunity for us to exhibit this and showcase the best of our tea and coffee equipment. In order to ensure that our products were recognized for their full potential, we paid meticulous attention to our choice of coffees.

In the hopper we cycled through Union Hand Roasted's Los Lohones from Panama as well as a honey geisha from the same, a Colombian from Clifton coffee roasters and Blackburn Estate; a Tanzanian from Ozone.

Using the new electric grinder from Hario, soon available to buy on the website and a great progression from hand grinding for the passionate domestic consumer, we developed recipes tailored to each coffee in order to demonstrate the full capabilities of the Hario gear.

We had some fantastic feedback regarding the coffee we brewed as samples for visitors and addressed a mass of interested queries and questions regarding the syphon, how they work and the benefits of using them.

We can conclude that our experience at the coffee festival was a positive and successful one, having forged and developed new trade relationships as well as exhibiting the potential of the Hario range to customers and encouraging a greater customer interaction with home brewing. Cheers for another great year Coffee fest, until next time!

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