Coffee Grinders

Hario Coffee Grinders

We stock a wide range of Hario Coffee Grinders. From the very popular hand/manual burr coffee grinders to the excellent V60 Electric Coffee Grinder which makes short work of your coffee prep.

Freshly grinding coffee beans makes one of the biggest impacts on the taste and flavour you get from drip filter coffee. Experts talk about coffee degrading after just 15 minutes of being ground, so a hand or electric grinder can make a real difference at home.

Note that Hario Coffee Grinders have burr systems which are designed to crush coffee beans very consistently. Most of the hand grinders here have ceramic burrs, whilst the electric V60 grinder has steel burrs. Where burrs give a consistent grind, blades - which can be found on a lot of electric grinders - will smash coffee beans up leading to a very inconsistent grind profile.

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