Cold Brew Coffee Maker

What is Hario Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

Hario cold brew coffee maker is a pot or a bottle that allows you to extract all the beautiful flavours from your favourite coffee beans by steeping the coffee grounds in water. It is incredibly simple to make. What’s more impressive is that in just a few minutes you can prepare delicious cold coffee that will be ready to enjoy in around eight hours and will last for days to come by storing it in the fridge.

Cool Down With Hario Cold Brew

A new way to refresh with Hario cold brew is here. We all love hot weather but when we stay in the sun for too long, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that we become dehydrated pretty quickly. To keep your body moist and your belly happy the Hario cold brew coffee pot offers a great rehydration solution to the coffee lovers around the world.

Various health benefits are associated with drinking coffee and nobody can argue with the fact that it just makes us tick and that it helps us to improve our efficiency and productivity. Most people enjoy drinking hot coffee, however with our busy life-styles this is not always possible that is why the Hario cold brew is particularly popular amongst coffee enthusiasts. It enables you to take cold coffee with you and have a sip whenever in need of a little boost.

The new Hario cold brew filter-in bottle allows you to enjoy refreshing coffee at home too. It doesn't take any longer to prepare it either. With just a little bit of planning in advance you can enjoy mouth-watering ice cold coffee over the next few days. Simply choose your favourite Hario cold brew device and we will deliver it to you with one of our swift delivery services.

How to Prepare Hario Cold Brew?

Preparing Hario cold brew is dead-easy. All you have to do is grind the beans with an electric or manual coffee grinder, insert the desired amount of coffee grounds into a special ultra-dense mesh filter that comes with all Hario cold brew devices. Pour some spring water into it and leave it for a minimum of 8 hours in a fridge. That’s it! It’s as simple as that. The coarseness of the “correct” grind is the subject of much debate. It’s best to experiment between a medium and coarser grind, just don’t go too fine to avoid any sediment in the brew.

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Taste Has No Acidity

I must warn you, your favourite coffee will not taste the same. Pouring hot water on your coffee grounds gives the coffee that sharp and acidic taste. The slow Hario cold brew coffee extraction process means that your cuppa will be richer, more flavourful, with no acidic sting to it. Some coffee lovers also mentioned that as a result of the smooth using the Hario cold brew that heart-burn symptoms were eliminated.

What About Hot Hario Cold Brew?

Hario cold brew marks its versatility by putting the brewer in the driving seat. For those who are not happy drinking their coffee cold there is another option. The cold brew is very flavourful, that is why you can simply add some of the cold brew extract in a cup and pour some hot water on top with the Hario Kettle to enjoy smooth cold brew coffee hot.

TIP:Hario recommends at least 8 hours of steeping time but bear in mind that the longer you steep - the more flavourful your coffee will taste. It is not unusual to leave the coffee for up to 24 hours untouched to express all the flavours to the maximum.

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