V60 Kettle

Hario Pour Over Kettle

What makes the Hario V60 BUONO pour-over kettle different to a normal one? A combination of things. The goose spout, easy to grip handle, the stainless steel body design, the list goes on. Most importantly, it’s the feel of it and you will know what I mean when you try pouring with the V60 kettle yourself. “Buono” means good in Italian and when it comes to pouring with precision, there is probably no better. Hario drip kettle is arguably the most comfortable kettle to pour water with.

Part of V60 pour-over coffee range, Hario kettle puts you in total control. It allows you to pour with high accuracy and calculated trajectory. The experience of a very precise, controlled pour with the Hario drip kettle adds to the pleasure of producing your perfect cup of coffee.

Baristas and specialty coffee enthusiasts know how important timing is when brewing freshly roasted coffee. That is why slow drop-by-drop pour-over plays a vital role in the coffee dripper brewing process. Speciality coffee brewing requires a bit of patience and steady hand during the coffee extraction. It can be slightly tricky to pour water with an average, cheap “water-boiler”. Never settle for second-best and buy Hario kettle today while stocks last.

The components of Hario kettles, including the stainless steel and the copper are of the very finest quality. At Hario.co.uk we have all four Hario kettles available including the stainless steel 1.0 litre and 1.2 litre capacity, electric Hario kettle and we also stock the gorgeous Hario copper kettle as well.