V60 Filters

Hario V60 filter papers - The Widest Choice in UK

Genuine Hario V60 pour over coffee filter papers from official Hario tea and coffee equipment stockist. There are three sizes of filter papers to fit the corresponding V60 dripper sizes; 01, 02 and 03.

There are two types of paper, the white and the natural Misarashi filter papers. The white Hario paper filters are by far the most popular but the choice is purely down to personal preference. Some baristas and home enthusiasts swear by the Misarashi natural brown V60 papers and would never use the white, and vice-versa.

There are pack sizes as small as 40 sheets to enable you to try a variety before sticking with your preferred filter paper.

Important Information

Always rinse the filter paper prior to adding ground coffee - this serves two purposes; firstly it warms the coffee dripper and vessel (whether it's a cup, mug or range server) and it removes any hint of paper taste that could creep into your delicious coffee.