Hario V60 Thermal "Uchi Mug" Silver

V60 Thermal "Uchi Mug" Silver

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Hario V60 Thermal “Uchi Mug” in Silver

Add the new V60 thermal mug to your drinkware collection today! By purchasing the stylish “Uchi mug” you will ensure not to leave your delicious coffee behind while rushing to work. Put it in a hand bag or simply hold it in your hand without the slightest worry of leak. You can take it with you anywhere!

V60 Thermal Mug Design

The Uchi Mug is has a double wall design to ensure that your coffee stays hot for longer while the exterior of the mug stays cool and comfortable to hold. It is also designed to work together with the any size coffee dripper. Simply put the V60 on top on of the thermal mug and brew directly into the mug. When finished close it up and you are ready to go!

Hario V60 Thermal “Uchi Mug” Includes :

  • 1x V60 “Uchi Mug”
  • 350ml
  • Watertight Design
  • Keep Coffee/Tea Hot for Hours
  • Stainless Steel

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