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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.

Best Coffee Scales at Hario UK


Accurately weighed coffee is one of the most important parts of brewing filter coffee at home. Traditionally coffee scoops have been used at home to measure out coffee grounds, but increasingly people are choosing to grind at home, and using a scoop can lead to inconsistent brewing recipes. Weighing scales are a great alternative to measure whole coffee beans before they are ground, and will help you control your recipe and ultimately give you a more consistent cup of coffee.

Hario's Best Coffee Scales

Hario offer a pair of scales that are a perfect complement to your coffee brewing ritual. Both feature 0.1g accuracy, the ability to tare and an integrated timer to help craft your perfect brew.

What's wrong with my kitchen scales?

If you have traditional kitchen scales (i.e. not digital) then quite simply they will not be accurate enough.

If you do have a set of digital kitchen scales, they will typically not be sufficiently accurate as they are used for much larger volumes of ingredients where the margin of error is more forgiving. When weighing coffee, however, a margin of error of 2 grams in a 17 gram dose could lead to a swing either way of over 10% - quite a big difference when you're trying to stick to a consistent recipe.

Coffee scales are very helpful if you want to control and improve your coffee recipe when...

  • Weighing unground coffee for making pour-over/filter coffee
  • Weighing the yield of a pour-over filter coffee, and timing it
  • Controlling the amount of espresso ground coffee going in to a portafilter at a coffee bench