Hario Chacha "Fukami" Tea Pot 700ml

Chacha "Fukami" Tea Pot 700ml

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Hario Chacha Fukami 700ml Tea Pot CHN-70T

The fancy ChaCha Fukami teapot from Hario has a big 700ml capacity, which means you can prepare 2 to 4 cups of delicious tea and share your favourite tea leaves with friends. It very easy to use, simply add the herbs into the large filter mesh and pour hot water into the pot. Remove the filter with extracted herbs or leaves and serve the tea.

Hario Chacha Tea Pot Design

The highest quality borosilicate glass with no harmful ingredients is what the Hario ChaCha tea pot is made of. Hario has established its reputation for manufacturing supreme quality heatproof glassware and this tea pot is a prime example of how great and simple Hario tea pots are.

Hario Fukami Tea Pot Includes

  • 1x Hario Chacha Fukami
  • Filter Mesh
  • Heatproof Glassware
  • 700ml
  • Made in Japan

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Additional Information

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