Hario Teapot ChaCha Kyusu Maru 300ml

Teapot ChaCha Kyusu Maru 300ml

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Hario ChaCha Kyusu Maru Teapot 300ml CHJMN-30T

A beautiful and practical ChaCha Kyusu Maru teapot is ideal for loose leaf tea. Good for a large mug of your favourite, or a couple of more refined cups with a guest. The ChaCha Kyusu Maru will help you to bring the most out of your chosen tea leafs.

ChaCha Kyusu Maru Teapot CHJMN-30T Design

Hario is well known to produce the highest quality glassware and the ChaCha Kyusu Maru tea pot is no different. It comes with a filter inside the pot allowing the user to pour the tea as soon as it is ready with no leaf bits in it. Its simple design allows easy insertion of the tea leaves in to the pot for a tasty tea that you love and enjoy.

Hario ChaCha Kyusu Maru Features Include:

  • Elegant Glassware
  • Capacity of 300ml
  • Easy to Use and Clean
Additional Information

You can also buy a higher capacity Hario ChaCha Kyusu Maru Teapot 450ml