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Hario V60 Glass Coffee Server 02 Olive Wood 600ml

V60 Glass Coffee Server 02 Olive Wood 600ml

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Hario V60 Coffee Server 02 Olive Wood 600ml

This gorgeous V60 Hario coffee server is made of heatproof glass with marking for accurate coffee measurements. It has olive wood handle and an olive wood lid and is truly spectacular it its design, feel and quality. Buy the V60 olive wood server and brew and serve your favourite delicious coffee in style to your family and friends.

Hario V60 Coffee Server 02 Design

The Hario olive wood coffee server is made to be used with any 02 size v60 coffee dripper to assist you with sediment-free coffee brewing method. Hario heatproof glassware is made out of natural component and the olive wood addition makes this V60 server an exceptional coffee tool to add to your V60 routine.

Hario V60 Coffee Server 02 Olive Wood 600ml Includes :

  • 1x Hario V60 Coffee Server
  • Olive Wood Handle
  • Heat-Proof Glass
  • 600ml Capacity

Hario Has You Covered

Hario gear cover includes 30 day money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction. All our items can be sent back to us via return address and v60 olive wood coffee server is not an exception, however it is unlikely that you will be unhappy with this brilliant piece of coffee equipment from Hario.

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Additional Information

You can also have a look at the smaller Hario V60 coffee server made of olive wood here.