Hario V60 Filter Paper Misarashi for 02 Dripper - 40 pack

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Hario V60 Filter Paper Misarashi for 02 Dripper - 40 pack

Hario V60 Filter Papers for 02 Dripper – Delicious Coffee with No Paper Taste

During hectic days at work it is important to take a couple minutes to relax. And what better way could there be to relax, than with a delicious cup of coffee. To many coffee enthusiasts the V60 coffee brewing process has become a daily ritual. It offers an affordable way to brew fantastic coffee each morning just the way you like it. Ensure you use genuine Hario v60 filter papers for optimum results.

The cone-shaped coffee filters fit into V60 dripper well. This allows the grounds to stay for longer in contact with the water. In return the end result is exquisite cup of coffee.

Brewing coffee in high temperatures with low quality paper filters means that there is a chance for the paper-taste to transfer to your coffee. The reason why you have probably chosen to brew coffee yourself in the first place is to brew perfect coffee. With high quality V60 paper filters you can achieve exactly that.

How to Use Hario V60 Paper Filters

1) To get rid of the paper taste, take one of the Misarashi V60 filters, place it inside a V60 dripper and wet the filter paper with hot water, discarding the water from the cup or server 2) Add the coffee and slowly start pouring hot water over it in a circular motion. 3) Brew for 3 minutes 4) Enjoy!

Hario V60 Filter Papers Include :

  • 40x V60 Coffee Filters
  • How To Brew Instructions
  • Mountain Fold
  • 1 to 4 Cups
Additional Information

You can also have a look at a bigger V60 paper filters 100 pack.

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    Best on Market

    Posted by Richard on 21st Dec 2015

    Clean and easy to use for an excellent coffee (depending on coffee beans of course). Never had a problem as opposed to other inferior brands which fail constantly.