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Hario V60 Recipe & Interview with Hario Ambassador Pierre De Chanterac

Hario V60 Recipe & Interview with Hario Ambassador Pierre De Chanterac

Pierre De Chanterac 

Barista at Terres De Café, Paris
French Brewers Cup Champion 2019 

How Long Have You Worked in The Coffee Industry? 

I’ve been in the coffee industry for almost five years now. To begin with, I was also studying French cuisine in Paris, but became a full time barista two years ago. 

What Was Your First V60 Encounter? 

In one of the first specialty coffee shops in Paris at the time, I was served a V60. It took me a while to enjoy the delicate flavours and the texture of a light roasted filter coffee. 

Why do you love the v60? 

Once understood, the V60 really gives you full access to the potential of a coffee bean. Due to its shape and neutral material, it enables you to dig into the coffee, and pick out what it is you’re looking for. 

With a V60, a brew can be achieved in two minutes, or last seven minutes, and still deliver an amazing cup. Only the brewing parameters and techniques that you rely on will decide the final taste. It is on its own, non-restricting – and that’s why I love it. 

Could You Tell Us More About Your Chosen Brew Method? 

Each pour is done very aggressively and with a lot of agitation, within a maximum time of 7 seconds. This helps to avoid channellings by disturbing the coffee bed (every ground is extracted equally) and results in a more balanced cup. 

I aim to keep fresh water extracting the coffee bed, and because fresh water is a better solvent, it results in an increase of the extraction yield. Of course, here we keep in mind that we do want to extract a lot from the coffee bean because it is lightly roasted, so we don’t have to worry about any bitterness due to roasting/caramelisation. 

A Message For Hario 

Thank you for pushing the boundaries of specialty coffee again and again. At Terres de Café, we use Hario on a daily basis. I’m super happy with Hario, and appreciate the way you pay careful attention to your customers, adapting your devices based on barista’s feedback. 

Pierre De Chanterac V60 Recipe 

V60: Ceramic 

Dose:12g Coffee (A lightly roasted coffee)

200mL Water (between 88 ~ 95°c / 190.4 ~ 203°F) 

Time: 3:00 – 6:00 minutes 

I believe there is not one “best recipe”, just one fit for a coffee, a roast, its age, a water, a grind setting, a ratio, etc. We see consumers and competitors around the world playing with different parameters and going for drastically different recipes, still achieving the best cup. Nevertheless, I often opt for this recipe which consists of 5 very aggressive pours, with a lot of agitation. The total brew time may vary from 3:00 to 6:00 minutes.

 1. Pour 1 : 00:00 ~ 30mL

  Pour 2 : 00:45 ~ 70mL

  Pour 3 : 01:15 ~ 110mL

  Pour 4 : 01:45 ~ 160mL

  Pour 5 : 02:15 ~ 200mL

 2. Pour 60mL of water, then immediately “spin” the bloom aggressively.

 3. Wait for 40 seconds, then pour until a total of 200mL water.

 4. Do a very gentle spin (less than one second), just enough to fill in the ribbed channels.

 5. Wait until the slurry is 70% drained, then pour again until 330mL. Then do another very gentle spin.

 6. I pour from rather low, with a steady stream, holding the kettle at a constant height. Pour slowly enough that the stream is nearly vertical, moving the kettle around to make use of the whole slurry as equally as possible.

 7. The total brew time will typically be 4:00 - 4:30 minutes, with extraction levels varying between 22%-24.5%, depending on your grinder, varietal and roast level.

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