Francesco Sanapo 

Founder of Ditta Artigianale, Florence
Italian Barista Champion 2010-11, 2013
Italian Cup Taster Champion 2019 

How Long Have You Worked in The Coffee Industry? 

I started to work in the coffee industry as a barista when I was 20 years old. As the years passed, I started to focus on studying and understanding more about coffee in all steps of production. My curiosity and high level of interest helped me reach the level I am today, and the knowledge I acquired over the years has lead me to love coffee more than ever - I now see it as a lifestyle rather than just a job. 

What Was Your First V60 Encounter? 

I still remember the first time I saw the V60 - it was during an exhibition coffee show around 12 years ago. I didn’t know how it worked or how to use it, but fortunately, I was able to take part in a demonstration by a Japanese barista, which helped me understand the V60 a little more. I bought one and started to experiment a lot and from there I understood more and more. 

Why Do You Love the V60? 

Because there is no other method that brings such clarity and high definition of flavours into the cup as much as the V60. I also like the design. 

Can You Tell Us What You’re Currently Working On? 

I’m working on two beautiful projects at the moment; and, in both of them, with the participation of Hario. The first one is a movie series called “The Coffee Lover”, in which I travel all over the origin country to show the beauty of it, together with its culture and of course, its coffee. The second project is a coffee school in the middle of Florence, where together with Hario we are creating a specific program for coffee brewing. 

Francesco Sanapo V60 Recipe 

V60: Ceramic 

Dose: (pending) 

Time: (pending) 

Coffee: Ethiopia Adado roasted by Ditta Artigianale. 

I really like the classic V60 ceramic dripper. I usually enjoy brewing V60 with Ethiopian coffee. Right now, I’m brewing Ethiopia Adado roasted by Ditta Artigianale. 

Before using it, I usually follow my personal routine which is the following: bring to thermal stability by wetting the dripper well or immerging it in hot water for 45 seconds, that guarantees more temperature consistency during our brewing session.

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