Liza Fedorovskaya 

Ukrainian Brewers Cup Champion 2019 

How Long Have You Worked in The Coffee Industry? 

I started working in the coffee industry in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I moved into the world of specialty coffee. 

What Was Your First V60 Encounter? 

For a long time I didn’t drink coffee, because the coffee shop I was working at used dark, Robusta beans which I didn’t enjoy. Then, in 2014, a new 3rd wave coffee shop opened in my city. The barista encouraged me to try a V60, at which point I discovered how cool this device is and how amazing, tasty coffee could be! 

Why Do You Love the V60? 

I very often use the Hario Immersion Dripper SWITCH. I love immersion brewing with coffee, so I was very happy when Hario combined and modified the classic V60 with a valve. This device allows me to experiment easily. I love it because of the thicker glass layer compared to the classic glass V60, meaning a better thermal stability. 

Can You Tell Us What You’re Currently Working On? 

I’m currently working as a brand barista for Kashtan Coffee, located in a Kyiv. Together with my husband, Oleksii Fedorovskyi, I run brewing courses every month, and have been busy helping train Oleksii for the World Brewers Cup! 

A Message for Hario 

I’m very glad that Hario continues to release innovative, new devices, and hope this never stops. 

Liza Fedorovskaya V60 Recipe 

V60: Hario Immersion Dripper Switch 

Dose: 15g Coffee: 250mL Water 

Time: 2:50 

Coffee: a Colombian natural

1. With an open valve, pour 40mL with an intensive, fast flow to wet all coffee grounds. Wait for 00:30 seconds.

2. Close the valve, from 00:30 till 00:50 pour a further 210mL in 14 circles, and wait until 1:50 for it to infuse.

3. At 1:50, open the valve to let the coffee flow down into your cup or range server. Allow the flow to run up until 2:50 minutes.

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Hario Switch V60 Immersion Dripper - Size 02

Hario Switch V60 Immersion Dripper - Size 02

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May 10, 2022 — BBH Admin