Agnieszka Rojewska

Co-Founder of Chapter One Coffee, Berlin
La Marzocco Deutschland.
German Barista Champion 2002

How Long Have You Worked in The Coffee Industry?

I started in the coffee industry in 2009 where I worked in a chain coffee shop at a train station.

What Was Your First V60 Encounter?

I don’t remember exactly, but my guess is that I saw it somewhere and decided to buy it. My first V60 was a red porcelain 01 - and at the time I bought it I didn’t know what to do with it!

Why Do You Love the V60?

I like the V60 because it is one of the most commonly used devices which means it’s very easy to experiment or use someone else’s recipe at home.

A Message For Hario

Keep making us brewers happy :)

Agnieszka Rojewska V60 Recipe

V60: Metal

Dose: 15g Coffee: 250mL Water

Time: 1:00

  1. Allow 15 seconds to pre-infuse.
  2. Use one continuous pour with a gentle circle pour. Do this until you hit 150mL.
  3. Then for the remaining 100mL, centre pour with speed and keep the level of water consistent.
  4. The pouring should stop around 1:00.

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May 10, 2022 — BBH Admin