James Hoffmann

Co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters
World Barista Champion 2007
Author of The World Atlas of Coffee

How Long Have You Worked in The Coffee Industry?

I’ve been in the coffee industry since 2003.

What Was Your First V60 Encounter?

Probably online, once everyone was trying to work out how to brew by the cup in cafes after the implosion of Clover.

Why Do You Love the V60?

Simplicity. It’s easy to use, and easy to use well.

A Message for Hario

Thank you! You’ve been hugely supportive of a blossoming speciality coffee industry around the world!

James Hoffmann V60 Recipe

V60: Plastic

Dose: 30g coffee (Fine-Medium Grind size)

500mL Soft or bottled water (97°C / 206.6°F)

  1. Rinse out your filter paper with hot water to remove the papery taste. This will also preheat the brewer.
  2. Add your grounds carefully to the center of the V60 and then create a well in the middle of the grounds.
  3. For the bloom, start to gently pour 60mL of water, making sure that all the coffee is wet in this initial phase.
  4. As soon as you’ve added your water, grab your brewer / V60 and begin to swirl in a circular motion. This will ensure the water and coffee are evenly mixed. Let this rest and bloom for up to 45 seconds.
  5. Pour the rest of the water in in 2 phases. You want to try and get 60% of your total water in, within 30 seconds.
  6. Pour until you reach 300mL total with a time at 1:15. Here you want to pour with a little agitation, but not so much that you have an uneven extraction.
  7. Once you hit 60% of your total brew weight, start to pour a little slower and more gentle, keeping your V60 cone topped up. Aim to have 100% of your brew weight in within the next 30 seconds.
  8. Once you get to 500mL, with a spoon give the V60 a small stir in one direction, and then again in the other direction. This will release any grounds stuck to the side of the paper.
  9. Allow the V60 to drain some more, and then give it one final swirl. This will help keep the bed flat towards the end of the brew, giving you the most even possible extraction.

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