Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen

Co-owner of Supreme Roastworks in Oslo
World Brewers Cup Champion 2015
Norwegian Brewers Cup Champion 2014-2015-2016 and 2017

What Was Your First V60 Encounter?

My first encounter with V60 was when I started working with coffee in 2010. I joined the coffee-industry when the natural processed coffees really started to shine. After testing many different brewing methods, I always ended up with the V60 giving me the most delicate and “open” brew, revealing all the nuances.

Why Do You Love the V60?

After testing almost all existing manual brewing methods, my conclusion is that the V60 shape and form is the ultimate tool for brewing filter coffee. I’ll keep getting surprised how this “simple” yet genius design delivers the perfect brew.

There is something about this shape I cannot explain. It just works really well! It sums up to this, the V60 gives me all the elements I am looking for in my coffee. If not, it is very easy to “adjust” your technique brewing V60 to make it suit your preference. I am looking for clarity, intensity, a distinct revelation of all flavor nuances and a soft and delicate mouthfeel. The V60 gives me all this!

A Message for Hario

You have always been supportive of the barista community. Thank you for being willing to work with me on my ideas for great new products! The integrity and quality that I find in HARIO is second to none, and I am happy to use Hario products any time!

Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen V60 Recipe

V60: Ceramic 01 size

Dose: 20g Coffee

300mL Brew Water (90-92°C / 194-197.6°F)

Time: 3:30

  1. Bloom @35-45 seconds
  2. After bloom, very gentle pouring of water. 8-10 small pours or more. (Few pours with more water each time will not give you the best result!).

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May 10, 2022 — BBH Admin