Tetsu Kasuya

Co-founder of Philo Coffea, Japan
World Brewers Cup Champion 2016

How Long Have You Worked in The Coffee Industry?

I’ve been working in this industry for 7 years.

What Was Your First V60 Encounter?

It was 8 years ago when I was in hospital. I found out I had type 1 diabetes and then realised that coffee doesn’t have any sugar, so I could drink as much as I liked. When I realised, I went to my local coffee shop and bought every piece of equipment for hand drip – including a V60 dripper; and that was my very first encounter. This was also the beginning of my new career as barista.

Why Do You Love the V60?

In my opinion, the coffee made by a V60 is the most balanced. Not only sweet, not only floral, not only acidic, and not only encompassing a good body, but also balanced.

Could You Tell Us More About the Hario Tetsu Range?

I collaborated with Hario to make my own V60 model which, unlike the original Hario V60, doesn’t have the spiral at the bottom. This makes the water flow slower, meaning my 4:6 method can be achieved more easily. Because the 4:6 method uses a coarse grind size, the coffee will sometimes have a weak taster. With the amendments to the V60s spirals, a slower flow rate allows for more flavour.

A Message for Hario

The Hario V60 is one the most important innovations in coffee, and was my first piece of coffee equipment– so thank you for introducing me to this beautiful coffee industry!

Tetsu Kasuya V60 Recipe

V60: Ceramic

Dose: 20g Coffee(course ground coffee)
300mL Water (92°C / 197.6°F)

Time: 3:30 min.

My favourite recipe is, of course, the 4:6 method which was invented by myself. It focuses on the amount of water in the first pour, which ultimately defines the coffee’s acidity and sweetness. (More water = more acidity, less water = more sweetness). For the remainder of the brew, the water is divided into equal parts according to the strength you wish to attain. I use 20g of course ground coffee to 300mL of water at a temperature of 92 degrees Celsius.

1. Pour 1: 0:00 > 50mL
42% of 120mL = 40% of total - less water in the ratio, targeting sweetness

2. Pour 2: 0:45 > 70mL
58% of 120mL = 40% of total - the top up for 40% of total

The remaining water is 180mL / 3 pours = 60mL per pour:

3. Pour 3: 1:30 > 60mL

4. Pour 4: 2:10 > 60mL

5. Pour 5: 2:40 > 60mL

6. Remove the V60 at 3:30

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