Hario Cafeor Dripper Filter
Hario Cafeor Dripper Filter
Hario Cafeor Dripper Filter

Cafeor Dripper Filter

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Hario Dripper Filter Cafeor

The Hario metal filter dripper cafeor is a superb alternative option to the classic ceramic v60 dripper because it requires no paper filters. It has less heat retention due to plastic body but it compensates with its convenience and ease of use.

Hario Dripper Filter Cafeor Design

The cafeor filter dripper design allows the brewer to place it on pretty much any type of carafe and begin brewing right away. It is light in weight and great to take on a travelling trip. Overall the dripper is wel-built and needs no paper filter to operate, it is easy to clean and use.

Hario V60 Range Server 800ml Features:

  • 1x Hario Dripper Filter
  • Metal Mesh
  • Easy to Clean
  • No Paper Filters

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Additional Information

Take a look at our listing for a Hario Cafeor Dripper Filter. By far the best way to pour when brewing is using the Hario Kettle.