Hario Water Dripper Replacement Coffee Middle Chamber

Water Dripper Replacement Coffee Middle Chamber

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Hario Water Dripper Replacement Middle Chamber

The Hario water dripper is very rewarding for patient brewers who enjoy smooth and cold coffee. But, what to do if for whatever reason you have lost the middle bowl of the water dripper? Not to worry, you do not need to buy a new water drip just the middle chamber from Hario is sufficient to get you back on cold brewing track within few days.

Hario Water Dripper Replacement Coffee Chamber Design

Hario is the king of glass and uses only the best natural components. In return you get supreme quality glassware. The middle chamber replacement from Hario has heat-resistant properties and is compatible with the WDC-6 water dripper.

Hario Water Dripper Replacement Bowl Includes :

  • 1x Middle Hario Water Dripper Bowl
  • Heat Resistant Glass
  • Compatible With WDC-6 / WDW-6 Cold Water Drip
  • Made in Japan

Hario Has You Covered

If you need to return the dripper bowl you can easily do so within 30 days. We cover all our customers with this policy because we believe every customer should be 100% satisfied with their purchase or receive a refund.

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